Andreea Nemes, MD

Dr. Andreea Nemes is a trailblazing medical professional. She has over ten years of experience in emergency medicine, clinical education, and obesity medicine. Dr. Nemes graduated from the prestigious University of Florida Medical School, She honed her skills during her residency at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospitals, a part of Columbia University.

Her journey took her to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she assumed the role of Director of Medical Residency Simulation driving innovative initiatives at the STAR Center. In 2015, she joined the Columbia University Medical Center. She became the Director of Simulation, an assistant professor, and an emergency medicine attending. This move built her reputation as a leader in medical education and practice.

Throughout her career, Dr. Andreea Nemes has focused on the pressing issues facing society’s health. The most glaring is the obesity epidemic. Her efforts have earned her wide recognition. She appeared on NPR’s ‘What’s Health Got to Do with It‘ and was invited to give grand rounds of talks on the subject.

Dr Nemes commitment to compassionate care has garnered her numerous accolades, including the coveted New York Times Rising Star Doctor awards for three consecutive years. Dr. Andreea Nemes embodies healthcare excellence. She is excited to work with Active Mutual to make patients’ and families’ lives better by addressing the rising cost of death.

Publications and Presentations

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Oral Presentations

  • Oct 2022 “ Grand Rounds- Obesity Medicine” University of Florida, Shands, department of emergency medicine
  • June 2017 “Results of In Situ Trauma Sim” MCIC Clinical Leadership Meeting

  • June 2017 “ Improving the first pass approach to abdominal pain patients “ MCIC

    Clinical Leadership Conference

  • June 2016 “Risk Management through Simulation”- CUMC Faculty Meeting

  • July 2014 “ Grand Rounds Future of Simulation in its Role in Medical Education”

    cme course Mount Sinai Hospital, NY , NY

  • 2014 “Neurologic Emergencies”– Intern Orientation Mount Sinai Hospital NY, NY

  • 2014 “Improving Communication of  Physical Exam Findings Ocular

    Emergencies” Intern orientation Mount Sinai Hospital, NY

  • June 2013-2016 “The role of simulation in medical education and clinical decision

    making”-series of lectures for pharmaceutical personnel (Lecture series Q 3months)

  • April 2013 “Grand Rounds Use of Medical Simulation in Risk Management in ED

    setting “ Mount Sinai Hospital

  • 2014 “Disaster Day- simulated interdisciplinary cases to test Emergency Disaster

    preparedness” Mount Sinai Hospital, NY

  • 2013 “Missed Subtle Deadly EKGs in ED Not your basic Cardiology Lecture –

    Breaking Myths: WPW, Brugadas” Roosevelt Hospital, NY, NY

  • 2012 “Prolonged QT” St Lukes Hospital – New York , NY

  • 2012 “Maxillofacial Trauma “     St Lukes Hospital, NY, NY

  • 2012 “Sympathomimetic Overdose”   Roosevelt Hospital, NY, NY

  • 2012 “Sedative/ Hypnotics “ Roosevelt Hospital, NY, NY

  • 2012 “Unstable Vtach with prolong QT and ICH stroke”   Roosevelt Hospital, NY,


Journal Clubs

  • July 2012- Dec 2015 The future of Medical Simulation I and II , III, IV
  • July 2012- 2015 All NYC Journal Club Simulation x 2 months

  • Dec 2015 Virtual Simulation- serious gaming


  • Sept 2013 Pfizer Educational/Training Video “Clinical decision making in healthcare-

    how a patient navigates our medical center. From the ED to dischargeTop of Form


  • January 2022 Board Certified Obesity Medicine – active

  • May 5 th 2013 Board Certified Emergency Medicine – active


  • May 2012 New York State License NR 265184

  • Board certification in Emergency Medicine

  • Board Certified Obesity Medicine Diplomate


  • 2017 NY SUPERSTAR DOCTORS, RISING STAR in New York Magazine

  • May 2016 NY SUPERSTAR DOCTORS, RISING STAR in New York Magazine

  • Sept 2017 NY SUPERSTAR DOCTORS, RISING STAR in New York Magazine

  • 2012 ACEP SIM WARS Semifinal Case Writer, Denver Co

  • 2003-2004 Outstanding Student Awards Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • 2000-2004 Bright Futures Academic Scholarship

  • 2004 President of Atkins Health Care Economics Society – Award

  • 2000- 2004 Deans list